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Flybridge Asset Management (FBAM) is a leading Moscow-based investment firm focused upon credit and equity investments in the real estate sector. FBAM’s reputation for a flexible approach to financing and its strategic relationships with key trade players brings unrivalled value and experience to its business partners.

Our Approach

We support property owners during challenging liquidity periods and
economic fluctuations by:


Purchasing of Assets

We invest primarily in the following real estate sectors and with the following criteria: 

  • Offices, retail centers, street retail, warehouses, hotels.
  • Minimal vacancy level.
  • A or B+ class of the building.
  • Moscow and Moscow region.
  • Enterprise Value of between $15m - $50m. 



Please submit details with your financing request or project if you meet the criteria above. 

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About Us

Our Team

Our team benefits from extensive experience in investing and managing real estate assets.


Roman Mironchik

Co-Founder & CEO

Roman leads long-term strategy and goals for the company focusing on its strategic partnerships and deal underwriting. Prior to founding Flybridge Asset Management in 2016, Roman was a Co-founder and Managing Partner at Izurium Capital Management, sector agnostic UK based private equity investment firm. He previously also worked with Francisco Partners, leading US-based private equity fund, RP Capital Group, EM focused hedge fund and Merrill Lynch, US based investment bank. Roman brings over 12 years of experience in direct equity investments and structured lending. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with First Class Honours degree in BSc Economics.

Roman Musin

Co-Founder & CIO

Roman is responsible for identifying, underwriting and executing investments deals as well as post-transaction management. Prior to founding Flybridge Asset Management in 2016, Roman held senior positions at RB Invest, investment company based in Moscow and Marbleton Property Fund / Alfa Capital Partners, real estate private equity fund. He also worked as senior consultant in the real estate department of EY Moscow. Roman brings over 10 years of experience in real estate analysis, underwriting and investments. Roman is certified appraiser and he graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation (MA) and Lomonosov Moscow State University (BA) with degree in Economics.

Olesya Patsko


Olesya is responsible for corporate and assets financial management, reporting and treasury functions. Prior to joining Flybridge Asset Management Olesya worked for Izurium Capital as Investment Director since 2013. Before 2013 Olesya worked in investment departments of companies in oil & gas and mining sectors such as TGOK Ilmenit, Telero Petroleum and Uralnefteservice. She graduated from Tomsk State University with degree in Economics and Management.

Yana Kalashnikova

IR and Corporate Communications

Yana leads company’s effort to engage with existing and prospective investors and manages public communication activities. Prior to joining Flybridge Asset Management Yana worked for Izurium Capital as Project Manager since 2013. Before 2013 Yana held senior analytics, project manager and marketing roles in TGOK Ilmenit and Petrogrand AB. She graduated with distinction from Tomsk State University with degree in International Relations.

Alexander Tarnovskiy

Investment Manager

Alexander’s core responsibilities include providing support in underwriting of new projects and current portfolio operations management. Before joining Flybridge Asset Management, Alexander worked in RB Invest, investment company based in Moscow. He graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation with degree in Economics.

Pavel Troshchey

Operations Manager

Pavel is responsible for day-to-day operations control and property management of portfolio assets. Prior to joining Flybridge Asset Management Pavel worked in property management departments at Colliers International, leading global real estate services company and Torgovyi Kvartal, Moscow based property management and investment company. Pavel also worked as Quality Director in different companies, in those roles he managed development and implementation of management evaluation systems (based on ISO 9001, 14001, etc.). He graduated from Kuban State Agrarian University (Krasnodar) with degree in State and Municipal management.




We have built long-term strategic relationships with key trade players in real estate advisory, brokerage and facility management, which enables first-mover advantage on best investment opportunities and offers unrivalled value to our clients.

Our business partners include:



Meet Flybridge Property Management


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Our in-house full scope property management company Flybridge Property Management (FBPM) employs 15 real estate professionals with extensive knowledge across commercial, technical and financial elements of the property management lifecycle.

FBPM currently manages over 50k sqm of real estate across Moscow and Moscow region.


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